The problem with my site.

There are many issues considering my site.

Elaborating on that, the problem only causes more and more to be made. The reason of this is that right now, it’s way too bloated. Things are unoptimised. Content Management Systems litter the two databases that I have.

Some of my works just dont feel right.

And through all of this, it isn’t optimised. The code feels ugly. It feels sluggish. The transition between one and the next site is so obvious, it would make one’s eyes sting.

Okay, I know I’m using hyperbole here. But I’m not happy with many of my projects, which is not a good sign at all. Habari for my old blog used to satisfy, but the tedious process of management made me dump it for Jekyll instead.

My former Habari installation.

I’m seriously considering clearing my databases just so I can use Jekyll for all of my works. It looks good, it feels clean, it feels just right for everything I want to do. My portfolio could be built in it, my blog likewise, and even my comic, I could do.

That, or I could write in plain HTML by scratch, though that process takes a while. I don’t like the idea of having to redo one aspect of the site just because one object changed, or if there’s a new page and it has to be integrated into the rest of the design.

Written by Minh Nguyen, 16 Feb 2012